Free Mail, Free Storage and Free Security – A Look at What Windows Live Has to Offer

Microsoft, in its most staid tradition, is always coming up with something new to try and improve the computer and online experiences. The proprietary online service suite of Microsoft, Windows Live, is full of improved and totally new features to improve user experience and bring more computer users totally online in their software usage.
Hotmail Microsoft's email program, Hotmail, has been around since the earliest days of free email for the public. In the fifteen years or so since its inception, Hotmail has only improved - and it was more than decent to start with. The latest version of Hotmail has a simple interface and includes built-in security features to fight spam and to block viruses and scams. When you sign up with a Hotmail account, you'll have 5 gigabytes of storage to start, and that number can grow if you need it to. MSN messenger, another service offered by Microsoft, is linked through Hotmail so you can easily communicate with your email contacts through chat.
Also included with the email program are shared calendars. You can easily set up a calendar for your family, your study group or your special group of friends and easily update them for everyone to see. You can also subscribe to the calendars of your favorite teams or organizations to be sure you never miss a game or meeting. The calendars can be used while you're online or off thanks to the Windows Live Mail desktop application. Hotmail also lets you consolidate all of your email accounts in a central location - including accounts that aren't Hotmail accounts. Organize and sort through all of your emails simultaneously.
MSN Messenger MSN Messenger lets you stay connected with friends, family and colleagues from any computer. When you download MSN Messenger, you have access to more than just a chat program. Through Messenger you can organize your contacts and arrange them into groups to chat with more than one person at a time. Not only can you send messages through Messenger, you can also send files and post photos on Windows Live. When you post new photos, your friends and contacts are alerted to the change and can view your new photos easily.
Microsoft gives you the option to customize your chat experience by personalizing the background scenes, avatars and sounds of Messenger. You can even take Messenger on the road using Windows Live Hotmail or by using Messenger on your mobile phone. Staying connected is simple and easy - even if you're almost never home.
SkyDrive - There's no need to frantically save documents on flash drives to take in for presentations or to try to work from different locations on different days. Nor do you need to port around your own laptop to keep your work close by. You can use any computer to access your files if you store them in Windows Live SkyDrive. SkyDrive allows you to store 25 gigabytes worth of files and folders online where you can keep them safe or share them with friends or the world. By setting a folder to public or shared in your SkyDrive, you easily make files in those folders available to others - an excellent way to work on a project simultaneously or to promote your ideas and thoughts on a particular topic.
SkyDrive contains 25 free gigabytes of storage space that includes a password-protected login. The files and folders can be substantial, and they are completely in your control for backup, sharing or publishing your work. SkyDrive works on any computer with internet connection, and it works on mobile devices as well making it far simpler to use than even the smallest pin drive. Accessing SkyDrive is as simple. When you're ready to save files in the SkyDrive, simply drag and drop them into the open window and you'll be able to access them from anywhere. Each folder in the SkyDrive has its own URL as well to make accessing the right folder simple for you and for anyone with your permission to enter.
Microsoft Security Essentials Need protection? Windows Live offers you free protection against spyware, pop-ups and slow performance with its Security Essentials. Security Essentials is free software provided for download by Microsoft. With Essentials, you can block, find and eliminate spyware and programs you don't want on your computer. Once eliminated, you can even get programs back if you realize you've deleted the wrong one, making the detection and removal of problems reasonably fool-proof.
To keep Security Essentials up-to-date and current in fighting all of the latest threats, dedicated researchers from Microsoft scour the internet in search of potential threats. In addition to this, volunteers from the huge network of Essentials users (the MS Live "Cloud") flag programs that are suspicious as well. You can elect to download updates for Essentials that counteract the newest threats as they are detected, but before they hit your machine, keeping you safe and your computer operating at peak performance.
Microsoft Office Live Ready for an online version of Microsoft Office? It's already there. Microsoft Office Live has a virtual workspace in beta form that will let you store up to 5 gigabytes of files online to keep private or to share. Most impressively, you can work with any of your favorite Office programs including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Create files online through Office Live and store the completed files virtually. When you're ready to use or continue working on the file, simply open the virtually stored file in the right application on your desktop and you'll be up and running without any complicated conversions.
Microsoft currently offers a wide range of extras through Windows Live, and Microsoft continues to update and create new products to make working and playing online simpler. The enhanced communication tools and online applications make your personal and professional life much simpler. And like all Microsoft products, soon you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

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Uninstall Microsoft Office – Learn How to Remove Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 From Your PC

Learn How to Completely Uninstall Microsoft Office & Other Hard-to-Remove Programs from Your PC Using an Uninstall Tool.
There is no doubt that all Windows users are familiar with Microsoft Office. It is an office suite developed by Microsoft - first released in 1989 - which is utilized in Windows and even Mac OS X operating systems. Microsoft Office is made up of Microsoft Office Excel, Word, OneNote, PowerPoint and Access. Text and number-based documents can be saved in Word and Excel, respectively - making Microsoft Office one of the most commonly used applications suited for both personal and business use.
So why would you want to remove such a useful program from your computer? Perhaps a program has gotten corrupted, you are receiving error messages when using one of the Office applications, or you simply have no need for the program anymore or you want to switch over to the Google equivalent of Microsoft office.
The typical solution would be to use the (Add/Remove) Programs functionality in Windows. However, there are times that using this Windows applet will give you error messages. If this is the case, what you can do is look for an alternative solution - one of which is to utilize an uninstall tool called Perfect Uninstaller.
The ABCs of Completely Uninstalling MS from Your Computer.
Aside from Microsoft Office, there are other hard-to-remove programs on your computer which can be easily uninstalled using tools like the Perfect Uninstaller. If Internet Explorer got corrupted, or if your antivirus program is not updating, this brand of uninstall tool will allow you to easily and completely uninstall the application from your system.
If you're trying to uninstall Microsoft Office, for example, what the Perfect Uninstaller tool will do is completely clean the empty or corrupted registry entries. If you received error messages during the uninstall MS process, there might be empty registry entries still left over on your computer. This would definitely not help improve the performance of your computer, so it's a must to make sure that everything will be completely removed.
During the uninstall Microsoft Office process, the Perfect Uninstaller tool will also forcibly uninstall corrupted programs, display hidden programs and uninstall them as well. More importantly, the Perfect Uninstaller tool has a user-friendly interface and it works much faster and more efficiently than the (Add/Remove) Programs applet in Windows. It can also backup the registry to restore the system easily if you have the Windows operating system installed, and you can make use of additional functionalities like the "Restore Registry" option.
As you can see, there are a multitude of benefits from using an uninstall tool like the Perfect Uninstaller, so it's the first thing that you need to consider using when trying to remove hard-to-uninstall program like Microsoft Office

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Steps to Fix Osetup DLL Errors – Repair This Error to Run Microsoft Office Again

is a "Dynamic Link Library" (dll) file used by the Microsoft Office suite of applications. This file is generally used to control the various components & plugins that Office requires to run and is used every time you use an Office application on your PC. Unfortunately, this file is also a big cause of errors for your system, as it's continually being damaged & corrupted. To ensure this is not a problem for your PC, you should use the tutorial on this page to repair it.
The errors that normally shows are as follows:
"This application failed to start because was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." "Cannot find [PATH] ." "X:\ digital signature does not validate or is not present."
The first step to curing this error is to manually start the installation of Office you might have been trying to do. If Office was "auto running" from the CD, then the chances are that your PC has been unable to read the various files that the CD has. This is a big problem, and is often the cause of the error. To fix this, you should click onto the CD of your PC and then locate "". This will load the setup & the files it needs.
If this doesn't solve the problem, you should then look to copy the setup files to your hard drive, and then run the installation from your hard drive. You can do this by clicking on the onto the CD and then copying all the files it has inside. You should then browse to a hard drive and paste the files onto it, allowing your computer to read the files it needs to complete the installation in one central location.
After this, clean out the registry with a "registry cleaner". This is highly recommended as the 'registry' of your computer is where Windows stores the files & settings that your computer & programs need to run. The registry is a large database which plays a vital role in the installation & operation of your computer. However, because this database is continually being used so much by Windows, your PC is constantly getting confused and saving many parts of it in the wrong way. To ensure this is not a problem, you should use a registry cleaner program to scan through this database and fix the various errors that are inside, allowing your PC to read the files it needs and run (much) smoother as a result.

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What Is Office 365?

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The concept of cloud computing is growing all the time and recently Microsoft have jumped on the band wagon. Office 365 is Microsoft's answer to cloud computing. If you have heard of or are using Google Apps then you are aware of cloud computing. Office 365 is Microsoft productivity suite offers tools so small, medium and large business access to email, documents, contacts and calendars via a browser from any computer. It is not a new version of Microsoft Office. Within the suite you have Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Lync Online, all running via the cloud.
Office 365 is a full browser based solution that incorporates virtually anywhere-access to webmail, document management and collaboration solutions for professionals, small and medium businesses. The suite can be used on most devices including PC, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.
If you already use Microsoft software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Office 365 works with these solutions. Microsoft stress it is an easy to use administration console which allows IT administrators easy control of user accounts, access rights, and organisation-wide deployment.
Security wise it uses the latest defences against viruses and spam. Disaster recovery is handled via multiple datacenters and automatic failovers and provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee. The Office 365 Enterprise Plan allows users will be able to connect to SharePoint services using secure https SSL-encrypted connections. In simple terms this means there is a cryptographic system for the secure transmission of documents over the internet. However only enterprise users will get this protection, professional and small business plan users will not get SSL-encrypted defences.
Like all cloud computing solutions Office 365 reduces the time and cost IT technicians would spend patching, upgrading, or updating servers. Plus you have the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere on virtually any device. The plans designed for medium sized businesses offer 24 7 IT help either via phone the web or email and there are plenty of online tutorials. Price wise there are pay-as-you-go options, and you can try for free for 30 days.
Whether this takes over from Google Apps for Business, which I believe is the leader in cloud computing presently, only time will tell. Google claims that it has got over 30 million active users of Google Apps which is a substantial amount. There are various other companies providing cloud-based business e-mail, productivity and collaboration tools such as Zoho, VMware and IBM, but Google is obviously Microsoft's closest rival. Have two large companies such as Google and Microsoft competing to be the leader in Cloud computing can only be a good thing in the long run.

The Realm of MCAS Certification

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Microsoft office is the most commonly used application in the field of IT. It is essential from the student's level till the professional level. Therefore, having a certification regarding the efficiency in office is very important now-a-days. Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) certification is one such certification that centers on Microsoft office 2007. MCAS certification includes six different exams, from which the candidates have to choose one. These tests are as follows:

  • Exam 77-600: MCAS: Windows Vista for the Business Worker
  • Exam 77-601: MCAS: Using Microsoft Office Word 2007
  • Exam 77-602: MCAS: Using Microsoft Office Excel 2007
  • Exam 77-603: MCAS: Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
  • Exam 77-604: MCAS: Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
  • Exam 77-605: MCAS: Using Microsoft Office Access 2007
    Passing one of these exams enables the student to become a certified professional of that particular area. On the other hand, if the candidate passes more than one of these tests, then he obtains a logo that can be used on a lot of places like business cards, emails, letterheads. This logo represents that you are different from the certified professionals of MCAS. This MCAS certification is an authentic way of telling others that you have enough knowledge and training in the field of Office 2007.
    Duration for the exam is 50 minutes and it consists of either 20-27 hands-on questions or 20-27 MCQ's. Replicated and live surroundings are used to take the test and the students have to demonstrate their skills in these environments. Giving theme to a specific range of cells is an example of the task that can be asked from the student. Specific Certiport centers govern these tests and so you must remain in contact with such centers.
    Training, like in other certification programs, is also important for passing the MCAS certification program as well. Two types of training are available for this certification
    Choice One: If you want to have training in accordance with your own timings, then you must go for the online training. This type of training is even cheaper as well.
    Choice Two: A classroom session led by an experienced teacher is also very beneficial to the candidates, but it is somewhat expensive.
    One thing to keep in mind while making your choice regarding training type is to have a mentor. The mentor can be either online or face to face. This is necessary because a mentor will always keep you updated about the recent changes. Hands-on practices are very crucial to training as well. These practices enable you to develop a strategy in order to be successful in the actual fifty minutes test.
    It is also very beneficial if you want to download any information regarding the test or the test materials. This website is also useful in finding a test location. Moreover, the practice exams provided by this website are also helpful during the test.

Saving Money: Buying Software

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As a small business owner myself, I know exactly how much you can spend starting up a new business, particularly on all the software you need for graphic design packages, email packages, email marketing packages, spreadsheets etc. It's huge!
You start offA with your new business and you find you have a problem (you used to have an IT department to sort this out for you probably!) you do some research online and you notice all the appealing software tools you can buy - either with very large price tags (Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop for example), or you see lots of little ones which only cost say A 20. You end up in a buying frenzy. Well, I know I do.
However, after being self-employed for a number of years now, I have done so much research on the topic, I know exactly how to save money and get the best deals here are some tips I have learned along the way to help you save lots of money on buying software for use at home, for your kids, or for your business:
a) Open Source products - Open Source means that anyone can use the software and it can be downloaded for free. For example Open Office (version 3 currently) isA a great alternative to Microsoft Office and it's giant price tag. Open Office also features a PDF writer, which is a great alternative to Adobe Acrobat or Adobe PDF Writer.
b) Forums - there are endless forums online now, in area given market sector or niche you care to mention. I belong to one which helps web designers and small business owners developing their own websites with tips and shared downloads of software, expensive "internet marketing guru" e-books etc. It costs nothing to join and if you go straight to the Advanced Search Option and type in the name of the software or e-book you are looking for (relating to internet marketing on this forum), then click on Member Downloads, it will list all the software or e-books available with your search phrase.
I don't necessarily condone this behaviour of itself, but I do think most software manufacturers like Adobe or Microsoft charge the earth for products, and I think until they start offering more realistically affordable products, unfortunately, people will try their best to get copies of highly priced software such as theirs.
c) Student Software versions:A compare the price of the full version of Microsoft Office 10 (A 39.95) on a Student Software website vs the full price on somewhere like Amazon A 149.99 for an equivalent Home & Student version. You need to be careful that you are getting all the components of the Student package you need however. For example, I have noticed that Microsoft Outlook is often not included in the Student version, so you need to take care when purchasing if this is one of your software requirements.
d) Extended Trial Versions: you can often get trial downloads of software by Adobe, Microsoft and other leading software manufacturers/developers.
There are several different techniques you can find on places like YouTube which you can use to either remove the trial part of the download, or you can use a piece of software which stops the countdown clock on your software trial such as Time Stopper.
e) Discount Coupons & voucher codes: if you aren't a member of a student or teaching organisation, and you don't want to use a website you have never heard of before, the best option might be to search in Google for discount coupons or voucher codes + the name of the software you are looking for, or the name of the retailer you would like to use e.g. "voucher codes Amazon software". This will bring up a few good voucher code or discount code sites which will give you a link or a discount code to use on the your preferred retailer site. The discount codes are used at the checkout section of your purchase and remember to press UPDATE on the basket before you pay!
OEM software - BEWARE! There are many online websites offering cheap prices on OEM (basically own label or unbranded software produced by the original manufacturer). Often these sites will have nice pictures of the branded products, but you pay and you will be extremely disappointed when you are unable to download the software you have paid for, and unable to contact them for a refund!

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Microsoft Word: Understanding Font and Paragraph Formatting

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Formatting text in Microsoft Word can be less frustrating if you know more about how Word works and applies formatting. Let's focus in on how to most effectively use the two most common formatting actions in Word: font and paragraph formatting. (By the way, Word documents are also formatted with document and section formatting as well).
Character or Font Formatting
Character or font formatting includes in all versions of Microsoft Word include:
Font typeface (such as Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman)Font sizeFont styleFont colorand other font enhancements
What It Is:The smallest "unit" that character formatting can be applied to is one character (letter, number, space or other). This means a line of text could have a different style of font formatting for every single letter and number including spaces although this isn't likely or recommended.
To apply font formatting in Word 2010 and Word 2007, choose formatting options from the Home tab in the Ribbon (Font group). You can also access the Paragraph dialog box directly from the Ribbon or from the shortcut menu (right-click on selected text). A selection of common formatting actions are on the Mini Toolbar which is also available when you right-click on a selection. In earlier versions of Microsoft Word, most formatting commands are on the Formatting toolbar as well as the Format > Font menu command. For all versions, a wide range of keyboard shortcuts can be used to apply formatting. For example, press [Ctrl] + B for bold.
How Word Works with Font Formatting
How Word Works:Word doesn't have a beginning and ending code or instruction for character formatting. An enhancement such as bold or italics is either turned on or off for each individual character which can be easily visible from the Home tab of the Ribbon or in the Formatting toolbar. To remove an existing character formatting choice, just select the affected text and make the change (turn off bold, change font size, etc).
Has this happened to you? While editing a Word document, you move between two words and start typing only to see a different style of formatting than the surrounding text. Your new text is taking on the appearance of the formatting stored in the space between the words which may be different depending on the way the format was first applied. Remember every single character stores its own formatting.
Paragraph Formatting
Paragraph Formatting includes:
Text alignmentLine spacingTabsIndentsBullets & NumberingBorders & Shadingand other paragraph enhancements
What It Is:the smallest "unit" that paragraph formatting can be applied to is one paragraph. A paragraph is defined by a paragraph mark at the end of the text. Paragraph marks are created whenever a hard return is created and are visible when the Show/Hide icon or button is turned on. Tip: to turn on or off the display of non-printing characters (Show/Hide) including paragraph marks, press [Ctrl] + * or click on the paragraph mark (backwards P) on the Home tab of the Ribbon or, in Word 2003 and earlier, the Standard toolbar.
To apply paragraph formatting in Word 2010 and Word 2007, choose formatting options from the Home tab in the Ribbon (Paragraph and Style groups). You can also access the Paragraph dialog boxes directly from the Ribbon or from the shortcut menu (right-click on selected text). A selection of common formatting actions are on the Mini Toolbar which is also available when you right-click on a selection. In earlier versions of Microsoft Word, most formatting commands are on the Formatting toolbar as well as the Format > Paragraph menu command. For all versions, a wide range of keyboard shortcuts can be used to apply formatting. For example, press [Ctrl] + 2 for double-spaced text.
How Word Works with Paragraph Formatting
How Word Works: Paragraph formatting instructions are not stored in a code at the beginning of a paragraph, but are stored in the paragraph mark at the end of each paragraph. If you delete a paragraph mark between two paragraphs, the paragraphs will merge and take on the formatting of the first.
Any changes to the paragraph formatting of existing text will only affect the paragraph where the insertion point (cursor) is currently positioned or paragraphs that are at least partially selected. For typing new text, just make the formatting choices you want and begin typing.
Advantages: Once paragraph formatting is set up, just press [Enter] and all paragraph formatting (as well as current font formatting) will be "copied" forward to the next paragraph. This means any formatting such as indents, bullets, tabs, and alignment does not have to be turned on for each new paragraph.
Reveal Formatting… What's Going On
Do you want to know exactly how a section of text is formatted? Turn on the Reveal Formatting task pane by pressing [Shift] + [F1]. The Reveal Formatting task pane displays on the right of your screen. Click once into any text and the specific formatting choices will be defined.
Select… Then Do: Changing Formats
What's the best way to apply or change formatting? What works best for me and will usually save you time and effort is to choose your formatting options as you create and type text. Then, if you need to, go back to highlight and modify existing text. Personally, I like to see the appearance as I am building a document. Some people, however, prefer to create most of their text first and then they add most of the formatting later.
Regardless of your approach, one of the major ideas to know about Microsoft Word is that existing text can most easily be changed by remembering " Do."
What does this mean? If you want to change the formatting of Word text, select or highlight it all first and then choose the new formatting options of your choice. Similar or surrounding text will not be changed unless it is also highlighted.
To make changes to existing text:
Select all of the text that you want to change.Then, select the icon, button, or keyboard shortcut that will give you the desired results.
To change the format of text as it is being typed:
Choose the icon, button, or keyboard shortcut for the formatting of new text.Type the text.Select another formatting choice to change formatting for next text.
Understanding how Word formatting works will simplify how you work with your Word documents.

Is OpenOffice Superior to Microsoft Office?

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The battle between OpenOffice and Microsoft Office has been a long one, stretching across years and computing platforms. While the open-sourced OpenOffice does what it claims to do, and acts as a functional replacement for the Microsoft Office suite, is it the "better" option of the two?
The short answer is: not necessarily. While both suites might have small advantages over one another, neither has such a lead as to make it the obvious choice. What it all comes down to is personal preference. OpenOffice prides itself on simplicity and functionality, taking after earlier versions of Microsoft Office in appearance, yet retaining the functions of later Office releases. It has some features (such as word auto complete) that can improve efficiency, but nothing unique to it gives it a clear advantage over Microsoft's product.
Microsoft Office takes a different approach, opting for the more streamlined "ribbon" UI which has a bit of a learning curve to it. In my opinion, of the two, Microsoft Office 'looks' better, but I don't start up Microsoft Word to look at the UI, it's just a pleasant addition. Other than this, most of Microsoft's other features such as the encyclopedia/dictionary lookup features aren't terribly impressive or important, and superior alternatives to many of them are available online. One thing worth consideration, however, is bloat--while OpenOffice runs relatively cleanly and efficiently, even on older hardware, Microsoft Office tends to be slightly more resource-intensive. While this isn't a problem for modern machines, this might be an issue for old computers.
Overall, little differentiates OpenOffice from its Microsoft counterpart; though this seems to be what the developers intended. If nothing else, one can easily migrate from the MS Office suite to OpenOffice with little trouble--a fact which might make the free alternative worth a look to some consumers.

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Verizon Wireless XV6800

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My phone cost me $500. Let's see what it is capable of. Firstly, I needed a mobile to work away from the office and this one has not let me down. It uses Microsoft Office Mobile suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), and it includes Windows Media Play 10 (for mobiles), Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer & Adobe Reader (which is great for scanned documents). My XV6800 comes with 64 megabytes RAM, 256 megabytes flash memory and 150 megabytes free memory for new installations.
If I need more storage, it has a microSD card slot that takes up to 4 gigabytes. I find it doesn't lag much between windows and documents with large graphics as some mobiles do and I enjoy using push email using wireless sync or MS Exchange Active Sync. It has the usual BlueTooth features, headsets, hands-free and ports. My XV6800 boasts a horizontal slider QWERTY keyboard, with an adjusting screen to match it horizontally returning back to vertical when the slider keyboard is replaced. The selection keys are slightly too close to the screen though not easy to use. The 2.8 inch touchscreen is awesome - touch-friendly with vibrant, colourful images. The inbuilt camera of this phone has a flash (the manufacturer's actually remembered to install one! Amazing!).
This means I can take photographs inside. It is a two megapixel camera so the qualities of the images leave much to be desired, but useful along with its video feature for transferring in messages to others. I have Voice Command button (believe it or not) to enable me to record voice messages. What I like most about my XV6800 is that it's simple to use. It has dedicated buttons on the front and side to access most frequently needed features. It's a breeze to use. I'd recommend it.

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Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Student 2011

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Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Student 2011 helps your family make the most of every opportunity, every day, from managing home projects and planning important gatherings to helping your kids polish their homework. With over 1 billion PCs and Macs running Office, Microsoft Office is the most-trusted and most-used productivity suite ever. And Office for Mac 2011 is here to help you do more with your Mac your way. Use familiar applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to help you take your ideas further. And since Office for Mac is compatible with Office for Windows, you can work on documents with virtually anyone on a Mac or PC. Store your files in a password protected online SkyDrive folder to access, edit, or share your work from virtually anywhere with the free Office Web Apps. Office for Mac Home and Student 2011 includes Word for Mac 2011, Excel for Mac 2011 and PowerPoint for Mac 2011.
(1) Word for Mac 2011
First of all, this version has the powerful write tool to help you create beautiful documents, store in online easily, edit and share your works. It can create visual effects such as newsletters, brochures and other variety documents through the layout preview. Second, you can see the effect of the style applied to the documents through the version style. Third, you can use Word Web App to view, edit, store, and share the documents. What's more, you can sharing and co-founded the documents with any person no matter they use Mac or PC Office.
(2) Excel for Mac 2011
Use a spreadsheet which easy to analyze to make the financial statements looks distinctive. You can also upload a spreadsheet to the Web to view, edit, share or co-create the file with your family at anytime and everywhere. Also, you can use Visual Basic automate repetitive job to enhancing work efficiently and save your time. At the same time, you can analysis the data much faster and more efficiently by use PivotTables. What's more, Excel table can help you organize, filter and format the relevant information.
(3) PowerPoint for Mac 2011
With this version, you can make a strong professional presentation to inspire your audience and the real interpretation of the report online may leave a deep impressive on them. And, you can removing the background in PowerPoint, or add photos in color fillers. In addition, you can also webcast presentations more than in a conference room. What's more, through the dynamic reorganization, you can re-arrange the text, photographs and graphics level rapidly.
I believe with Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Student 2011, you can find you work more relax, easy and attract. So, if your work that always need to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, this version is your best choice.