McAfee LiveSafe vs Total Protection: Which one is better?

McAfee is a reputed name in the world of cybersecurity solutions. Both the products are fairly similar, yet there are slight differences in terms of their storage and protection features. Over the years, the internet has become a hub for cyber criminals and hackers and users are not mature enough to understand how and when they will be the victims of cyber-attack. As a result, McAfee came up with the two most effective internet security software suites called McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection. These award-winning programs have transformed into the two most prolific products for computer security in the digital space.

Key features found in McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection

  1. Enable safe web browsing to ensure that your online activities are secured.
  2. Performance optimization feature to help the system work smoothly.
  3. Multi-device support.
  4. Users get encrypted storage online.
  5. 100% virus and spyware protection guarantee.
  6. Cloud-based analysis for viruses and other online threats.

McAfee LiveSafe

McAfee LiveSafe is one of the finest McAfee products that ensures all-round security not only for your devices but also for your online identity. LiveSafe provides virus and spyware protection and is compatible with different operating systems including Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS. This popular antivirus program consists of anti-malware tools and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total protection is a premium antivirus program that safeguards your system from viruses, Trojans, spyware, and other online threats. It ensures real-time protection and layer-over-layer security against cyber threats.

McAfee LiveSafe vs Total Protection

When we make a head-to-head comparison between both the McAfee products, there are no major differences. But if we dig deeper, there are a few points of distinction that can be considered.

  1. Protection offered

Though McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection both encompass a comprehensive security solution provided by McAfee, the former acts as a complete digital security program across all digital devices.

  1. Cloud storage

As far as cloud storage capabilities are concerned, both the programs are very particular about securing your identity and data across all devices. McAfee LiveSafe offers McAfee’s Personal Locker that provides 1GB of Secure Cloud Storage. This locker keeps sensitive files safe, equipped with advanced protection facilities like face and voice authentication.

McAfee Total Protection has a 128-bit encrypted storage to secure personal and confidential data and prevent any unauthorized access.

  1. Selling Point

From the selling perspective, McAfee LiveSafe has a next-gen scanning engine that offers real-time malware protection. Total Protection, on the other hand, features Password Manager for various devices, parental control to keep the family safe and web/email protection.

McAfee LiveSafe and Total Protection are both equally competitive, so you must learn about the pros and cons of using both the antivirus software to get to a conclusion. Take note of all the points mentioned above and draw a comparison between McAfee LiveSafe vs Total Protection to decide which product is best-suited for your computer system. For further Assistance visit

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