How About an Instant and Reliable Digital Language Translation Device for Microsoft Office

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Not long ago, I was talking to an overseas translator, who specialized in two different languages including English. They were able to translate anything that I wrote, and any of my e-books into Italian or French at approximately $50 per hour. The finished product guaranteed to be grammatically correct, with the same meaning. I don't know what you know about human translation, but that's a pretty good price in US dollars, and the quality of their work spoke for itself. Okay so let's talk about this for second shall we?
You see, there are more and more translation devices and artificial intelligent computers which can do this without using people. Unfortunately the quality isn't quite there yet, or at least those computer systems with the high quality are not commercially available yet. They perhaps will be in the future, and this had concerned my translation acquaintance. As an author of online articles and e-books you can imagine how important it is to get that information out in multiple languages.
The Puget Sound Business Journal in Washington State had an article titled; "Amazon opens Spanish-language Kindle store," posted on April 5, 2012 written by Ben Miller.
Well, this is great news, and it opens up a major market considering how many people live in South America, Central America, Mexico, and the United States that speak Spanish. What we need is an instant and Reliable Digital language translation device for Microsoft Office products. Why you ask? Because Amazon's Kindle allows the user to produce e-books in Microsoft office, specifically Microsoft Word and then it converts it to a file that is readable on e-book readers.
Therefore, the ability to translate, make it perfect, and available for Spanish-speaking and Spanish readers opens up all sorts of doors of opportunity. Recently, Microsoft spent $1 billion buying patents from AOL, so perhaps they might spend $5-$10 million upgrading their software to help humans communicate between English and Spanish. If this works, then they should move on provide the ability to convert into all languages.
This would ensure that Microsoft stays on the top of the food chain for its word processing programs. Having similar ability to send e-mails, post on forums, and engage in dialogue and conversations around the world could make the world a safer, friendlier, and better place to exchange cultural information. This could prevent wars in the future, and bring humanity together. Therefore, this excuse to assist e-book authors and writers do what they do better could be a real game changer for the future of humankind. Please consider all this and think on it.

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