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How to Create a Flyer Using Microsoft Office Word 2007

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Flyers are made to relay information to readers. An effective flyer would be one that captures a reader's attention through its use of visuals and word play. Yet, putting too much pictures or words spoils the flyer. Use only necessary words and pictures, and place them on a good location of the flyer; you are good to go. So how can we create a flyer using Microsoft Word 2007?
Before you begin, have a rough sketch of what you want on your flyer, including the pictures, words, and decorations. Then, to create a flyer, open a blank page on your Microsoft Word. The first thing you will want to do is to choose your page orientation. Based on your sketch, is the orientation portrait or landscape? To change the orientation from the default portrait to landscape, click Page Layout on the Menu Bar. You will see Orientation under Page Setup. Click on it and choose Landscape.
Another thing you can do is to set your margins. This refers to how close your contents are to the sides of the page. Next to the Orientation button, select Margins. You can either choose one of their selections of margins, or make your own custom ones by clicking Custom Margins and setting your own margins.
Next, type the words or sentences out based on your flyer's sketch. You may want to change the settings of your line spacing, which is how much space there should be between the top and bottom of each sentence. The default would be Multiple with an additional 10 points of space at the bottom of the sentence. To change this, under the Home menu, click the small arrow next to 'Paragraph' at the edge of the box. Choose your options accordingly.
Other than that, you may want to change the font type and font size. Under the Font box under Home, you can make changes like the font type, its size, the style, and even the color. Other than that, you can insert pictures. Click Insert on the Menu Bar, and click Picture, Clip Art, Smart Art, or Chart, depending on what you want on your flyer. Drawing of line pictures is also possible using Shapes. You can also make fancy looking words using Word Art. With that, you have created your own flyer! Print and distribute!

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