Month: November 2020

Verizon Wireless XV6800

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My phone cost me $500. Let's see what it is capable of. Firstly, I needed a mobile to work away from the office and this one has not let me down. It uses Microsoft Office Mobile suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), and it includes Windows Media Play 10 (for mobiles), Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer & Adobe Reader (which is great for scanned documents). My XV6800 comes with 64 megabytes RAM, 256 megabytes flash memory and 150 megabytes free memory for new installations.
If I need more storage, it has a microSD card slot that takes up to 4 gigabytes. I find it doesn't lag much between windows and documents with large graphics as some mobiles do and I enjoy using push email using wireless sync or MS Exchange Active Sync. It has the usual BlueTooth features, headsets, hands-free and ports. My XV6800 boasts a horizontal slider QWERTY keyboard, with an adjusting screen to match it horizontally returning back to vertical when the slider keyboard is replaced. The selection keys are slightly too close to the screen though not easy to use. The 2.8 inch touchscreen is awesome - touch-friendly with vibrant, colourful images. The inbuilt camera of this phone has a flash (the manufacturer's actually remembered to install one! Amazing!).
This means I can take photographs inside. It is a two megapixel camera so the qualities of the images leave much to be desired, but useful along with its video feature for transferring in messages to others. I have Voice Command button (believe it or not) to enable me to record voice messages. What I like most about my XV6800 is that it's simple to use. It has dedicated buttons on the front and side to access most frequently needed features. It's a breeze to use. I'd recommend it.

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